Bluestocking Lounge


I was very fortunate to have been the official photographer for The Bluestocking Lounge, a burlesque club in Swansea.

The wonderful Lilly Laudanum, herself a renown burlesque performer organises these bi-monthly show in the Grand Theatre, Swansea. They attract world famous and internationally recognised burlesque performers with a superb range of talent and many different burlesque styles. This was my first official gig, although I’ve been to (and heartily enjoyed) a number of the Bluestocking shows before.

It was a great night – a double headliner with Scarlett Daggers and Sukki Singpora as the stars. They were both amazingly graceful and beautiful in their performances and what I have heard of Sukki Singapora makes her a truly inspirational woman.

Heidi Bang Tidy had two fantastic comedy routines; a lollipop lady and… well I’m not sure what you call them, but a routine based on the dolls which sit over the top of toilet rolls in the bathroom. Primrose Proper showed us her new act, based on a Japanese fan girl, which had me grinning all the way through and Teezy Overeazy showed us her act based on “The Persistence of Dali,” which for a first routine is amazingly slick (and very funny). If you add Lilly Laudanum’s own routine, there were some great performances .

I feel really privileged to have been on the staff of such an inspiring show.

If you want to get tickets, you can go to The Bluestocking Lounge website.

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