Boudoir Photoshoot

“Excellent! Thank you! These are super!!”

“Thank you so much, Rachel, I love them.  You have a real talent for capturing images that flatter!”

“They are so great, I love them all! Thank you again for the experience!”

“Thanks again for all the photos. They’re so lovely. For someone who doesn’t usually like having their picture taken…. I love these a lot!”

“Ooooh they’re lovely! I LOVE the black and white one with me on the chair looking back… actually, I love loads of them! Super work. Thank you so much for letting me get involved with this – it was super fun and these are fantastic images!”

“Super! thanks ever so much .”

“Thanks, Rachel they are fab you did a wonderful job.”

“Oh my god they are perfect.”

Our hosts, Revue Dance Studios were fantastic; they provided a dressing room, complete with amazing cupcakes for us to try and gave us free rein in their lovely performance space.

It was a such an enjoyable day and I’m delighted with the results.

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