Swn Festival

“Thanks for all the images. They look great. Excellent work.  I’ll sort out all the images from everyone and take them into the festival organisers. I’m sure they’ll be thrilled. Hopefully see you again next year!” Clive Nolan, Lead Photographer


Sweet Bamboo recording a video; find out more at  http://sweetbaboo.co.uk/

Gavin Osborn’s songs are both musical and funny, especially his tribute to a fantasy football star. You can find more about his music at http://www.myspace.com/gavinosborn

Olympians:  They have one drum set, one bass, two guitars, two keyboards, a glockenspiel and a trumpet. With these, they make great music. You can find out more about them on their website. http://www.onwardolympians.com/

Holland: “…the pictures are great. Thanks. I was wondering if I could get a couple sent over that we could use for a few promo shots? … they are being used for a label press release…” Luke, Holland




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