Sarah and Doug

DSC09518In a couple of weeks, I’m sharing a very special day with two wonderful friends, and great people, Doug and Sarah. They are getting married and I have the exciting job of taking photographs at their wedding. It’s going to be a very special day, with lots of DSC09868friends helping out along the way. They have lots of talented friends, including musicians who are playing during the ceremony and Ceilidh afterwards. I’m so looking forward to it and am delighted to be playing a part.

When they asked me to take their pictures, I suggested (or perhaps insisted) that they should have a pre-wedding shoot, so that I practise taking their picture and they could get used to me taking photos of them.

DSC09781We talked about where to take the pictures and who would need to travel, as we live about three hours apart, and I asked them if there was a place which was special to them. They suggested Bradgate Park, which was the site of their first date. What a lovely idea!

DSC09653I’d never been there, but it has a wonderfully varied terrain; with a folly tower on a hill, a ruined Tudor house, parkland and woods. It was the family home of Lady Jane Grey and still has a resident deer herd. We were very lucky with the weather; if anything it was rather too hot and sunny, but thankfully not too busy.

It seems we weren’t the only people who thought that the park would make a good photography studio. As we were walking up the hill, we came across a small horse, who was having what looked like a very professional photo shoot. DSC09486

Doug and Sarah were understandably both a bit apprehensive when we set off and I didn’t take that many photos early on, we just walked and talked. Occasionally I snapped away, but I didn’t try too many posed pictures early on. I was worried if I tried to tell them what to do, they’d get more nervous. As they relaxed a bit I shot some pictures through an archway, with a long lens.

DSC09850We walked about the ruined house, which had a variety of interesting textured backgrounds and I swapped to the new lens that I was really keen to try (2.8 16-50 for my Sony Alpha). I’d been looking for a new portrait lens and this seems to be the one. It gives lovely, bright, clear photographs with a soft background. I’m delighted with the results.

After stopping for a much-needed drink, we walked back up the hill and since Doug and Sarah seemed much more relaxed in front of the lens, we had a go at some photos with a bit more direction. I think by the end of the shoot they were actually quite enjoying it. Sarah certainly seemed happy to jump up on every tree stump and rock we couldDSC09935 find!

It was great to spend a day with such good company and I hope they are as happy with the results of the shoot was I am. It’s lovely to have photographs of such a special place to them and new memories of a great day.

We did a bit of mucking about towards the end and I think the photos certain show how much fun we were all having.

I can’t wait for the wedding now, and all the cupcakes Sarah is making for the reception!


Zombies? Zombies!




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