Sarah and Doug’s Wedding

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to photograph the delightful wedding of Doug andDSC00152 Sarah, who you may remember from their pre-wedding shoot a couple of months ago. It was a wonderful day, held at a converted barn complex; Donnington Park Farm House.

Initially, Sarah had said she didn’t want photographs at home, but I’m very pleased that she changed her mind (with no pressure from me, I might add – she was getting up at 5am!). I think these pictures of brides and their bridesmaids getting ready are some of the most relaxed and intimate shots of any wedding. Sarah and her bridesmaids were so calm and chilled about the whole thing, with absolutely no drama and I think that is reflected in the pictures we got.

The wedding itself was held in a converted cow byre, which was a lovely cosy space for the guests, bride and groom. The lighting conditions in there were a bit tricky as there was very little natural light and a low ceiling with lots of beams. I really didn’t want to use flash; I’m not a big fan of flash anyway, but I think it is very intrusive during a ceremony, so I pushed my ISO up, to make sure I was getting clear if slightly noisy pictures during the service.

The registrar was a revelation. I have never met a registrar who was so keen to involve the photographer during the ceremony. She actually paused the ceremony on several occasions and told me to take pictures, as well as directing the bride and groom, to for example, show me their rings! She also collected various family groups around the register after the signing to set up specific posed pictures.

Doug and Sarah had said beforehand that they didn’t want lots of posed pictures and in fact were happy after that that they had all the formal pictures they wanted. This let me take lots of pictures of friends and family enjoying themselves at a great party, which was my brief!

The venue doesn’t allow confetti but instead, Sarah had lots of little bottles of bubble mixture for the guests to blow at them. This caused great hilarity, as there was a swirling wind and it was impossible to get all the bubbles going towards the bride and groom at the same time. My partner suggested that we could add them in post and there was a conversation with Doug and the ushers about how epic it could be if we could add other things in post. That resulted in the skyscrapers and dragons picture which seems to be a particular favourite.


Sarah had made the wedding cake and the gorgeous array of cupcakes herself, which she and the bridesmaids iced and decorated. I think you can see how marvellous they looked, but I can assure you that they tasted even better.

There was a ceilidh in the evening, which was great fun, along with some dances from Sarah and Doug’s rapper folk dance group. These dancers do fantastic group dances using swords and making amazing patterns with the blades. It’s so impressive to watch, as is their jumping and throwing each other about.

It was such a lovely, special individual day with some amazing, wonderful people.

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