“Confusions,” a play by Alan Ayckbourn. Performed by the Painswick Players, a Gloucestershire amateur dramatic company.


Featuring actor Helen Russell Clark who appears in Hollyoaks.

Butcher’s Blossom

    A short film, produced by SavageMedia, starring Eve Pearson. It is an 18th Century mystery/ adventure which was submitted to several festivals and competitions. You can find out more about Eve’s work here.

Airsoft Shoots

A series of shoots for TLSFx. A manufacturer of pyrotechnics and equipment for airsoft.  


A promotional video shot for Maelstrom live-roleplaying games, run by Profound Decisions. Profound Decisions are a company who run professional live-roleplay events for groups of up to 1500 people. “Rachel recorded our work on a promotional video. Her photographs captured moments we wouldn’t have got on film. I’d recommend having her around to anyone who…